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Sustainable Clothes to Wear on a Rainy Day

Unless you're Gene Kelly, most of us don't like getting caught out in the rain unprepared. We've done the legwork for you to find sustainable weatherproof wear that is not only functional, but chic!


Shopping secondhand or vintage is the best way to make sure our clothes get the most wear. We fell in love with this Bonnie Cashin trench from the 1970s that looks perfectly modern for today. Perfect for a rainy day walk in the park! We found it in beige, red, and this classic navy blue.


James Smith & Sons have been hand making umbrellas since 1830. They've been in their London New Oxford Street location for over 130 years. Her Majesty the Queen carries their birdcage umbrella, but we also love the slimline shapes with whimsical handles. Don't fret if your umbrella gets mangled in the wind, James Smith & Sons has a workshop that can repair it for you!


Maybe not an essential, but we couldn't resist this organic cotton umbrella dress by Peter Jensen we found on People Tree. People Tree is one of the pioneers of eco-friendly and fair trade production through their direct work with artisans and farmers in the developing world.


Alice & Whittles is extremely focused on having a transparent supply chain that is ethical and environmentally friendly. These 100% natural rubber boots are lightweight and stylish while coming in a variety of styles and color ways. You'll feel extra good about your shopping choices while you're splashing in puddles!


Can you believe this chic tote is made from old sails? Sea Bags is a company based out of Portland, Maine (their workshop is on the waterfront!) that repurposes old sails into chic little bags that are water resistant and use eco-friendly inks. No two bags are alike. In their commitment to sustainability, you can trade in your old sails and Sea Bag will give you one of their products. Isn't that a brilliant idea?Now...we just need a sailboat.


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