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Q&A: Eliurpi

Q&A: Eliurpi

From their headquarters in the Gothic Quarter -- where their charming boutique resides -- the Barcelona based duo, Elisabet and Nacho, talk to us about their romantic brand, Eliurpi, and the best places in Barcelona to dream - whether awake or asleep.


Q: What are some of your favorite projects that have emerged since Eliurpi began?​

A: Everything is a challenge and every day is a new project. We are always thinking about new things and we like to inspire ourselves in different places. The opening of the new store has been one of the favorite projects.

Q: What are some of the challenges you have faced when it comes to your workshop, production and your brand?

A: Finding good materials is always a challenge. Local suppliers also sell things that are not local and the competition between them is so fierce that it makes them bet on cheaper and lower quality materials. That is why it is so difficult to find good locally produced materials. The brand is a challenge every day, we have to live for it and be on top of it all day, but it is a challenge that we love and that generates excitement.

Q: Where are the best places to see the places of interest in Barcelona? The best view? The best place for the golden hour? Museums?

A: One of the most beautiful and inspiring neighborhoods of Barcelona is the Gothic quarter, for its streets and its history. The best view, the Mediterranean. Museums; Macba, Manac ... the best museum is the architecture that can be seen with the naked eye in the city.

Q: Chicest hotels?

A: Love the Hotel Neri.

Q: What to pack when you visit?

A: Chic clothing -- which is missing in a lot in many people. Go to ELIURPI, we can help!

Q: What is your favorite street in Barcelona?

A: Instead of a street, I'll tell you a square -- Felip Neri.

Q: What should someone take home with them from Barcelona?

A: There are still stores of all life in Barcelona, less and less, but some remain. One of them is the only puppeteer in the city and we are also especially friends. It is called Marionetas Travi. In addition to it, there are old music stores, bookstores and antique stores. I think they are always a good gift.

Q: Is there a day trip that you like to do outside of Barcelona? Favorite places in the Spanish countryside?

A: We really like the Costa Brava, its beaches and the Mediterranean. Girona is also a beautiful city.


Q: What is your favorite guilty pleasure?

A: Having a gin & tonic in a cocktail bar - The Elevator is a favorite.

ELIURPI Shop Baixada de Santa Eulàlia 3 08002, Barcelona, Spain (+34) 93 79 75 777



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