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The Artesão, Portuguese for 'artisan', is a homage to the creators who weave magic with traditional techniques, crafting beauty in every detail. Founded by Anna Dudik-Machado, The Artesao draws inspiration from her global adventures, especially while living in Portugal, which left an indelible mark on her appreciation for craftsmanship.  At The Artesao, our mission is to preserve craftsmanship traditions with a curated collection that transcends borders and to enchant you with captivating sartorial narratives. 

Anna is a Kyiv-born, NYC-raised boy mom and most recently, an entrepreneur!  Armed with a BBA in Marketing and an MS in International Management, as well as a certificate in Sustainable Design Entrepreneurs, she holds the foundation to build a successful business to build a better, more sustainable world.  For over a decade, Anna worked in management consulting, leading client engagements in Communication Strategy and Process Improvements. With a keen eye for business and an unwavering commitment to sustainability, Anna is determined to utilize her extensive background to build a business that not only thrives but also leaves a positive, lasting impact on our world. 

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