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  • Experience the beauty and positive energy of Ukrainian culture with this handmade "motanka lialka" doll! This unique gift is perfect for anyone who loves to collect one-of-a-kind items or appreciates the artistry of handmade crafts. Each doll is an amulet, saturated with the tremendous positive energy of the Ukrainian land, and is a symbol of the Great Mother who cares for the souls of her children.


    The colorful threads used to make the cross on the doll's face represent a rainbow, while the face itself is a symbol of the sun. The vertical lines signify masculinity, and the horizontal lines represent femininity. The doll's clothing also has powerful meaning - the skirt symbolizes the earth, the shirt represents past, present and future, the embroidery and beads symbolize abundance, and the headwear symbolizes the link with the sky.

    In ancient times, motanka dolls were used to protect girls from evil spirits, and Ukrainian people believed that the spirit of their ancestors was embodied in each doll, transmitting their experience from one generation to another.


    Each doll is made with natural, organic, eco-friendly materials, including sewing, cotton, embroidery, lace, beads, linen, and hand embroidery. The hairstyle of the doll is made of unbleached linen thread.


    The doll is 22 cm (8 inches) tall


    Origin: Handmade in Lutsk, Ukraine 

    Ukrainian Treasures: Handcrafted Doll with Peach and Purple Accent

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